There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Grace's birth mom. I wonder what she is feeling, what she is doing, wonder if she can somehow sense how much we think about her and pray for her.

When we talk about how Grace has lovely straight black hair and mommy has crazy brown hair or how Grace has black eyes so dark you can't see the pupil and how daddy has blue eyes--I think of her. When Grace amazes us with her memory or sense of direction or dance moves--I think of her. I wonder how much of Grace is from her and how much comes from us. I wish we could all get together and talk about what a perfect girl we have made.

Just wanted her to know, somewhere out there, that we are sending love and prayers her way.

Over this next week or so I plan on copying my text from our adoption journey blog into this section. So if you see some posts describing a 6 month old you'll know it's circa 2007.


    We brought Grace home from Taiwan when she was 6 months old. Now she is almost 6 years old.  Her name means "undeserved gift from God" and every day she reminds me how blessed we are to have her.


    October 2012